Ischia Summer Camp 2017 Ischia Summer Camp 2017
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Ischia Summer Camp 2017 –For residents and tourists.

The summer in Ischia will be a real holiday!


Ischia Summer Camp
Ischia Summer Camp

from the end of May to the beginning of September – every day (Sunday excluded)

from 7.30 to 19.00


The summer camp is reserved for 3-16-year-old children. The children are divided into 4 different groups according to the following principles:

  • – BLUE TEAM (3-5-year-old children)
  • – YELLOW TEAM (5-8-year-old children)
  • – ORANGE TEAM (8-11-year-old children)
  • – RED TEAM (12-16-year-old teenagers).

You can take part to our summer camp in many ways. You can participate for one day, 2 days, a week, more weeks, a month or for the whole summer. Since 2015 hours packages are also available.


We organise the summer camp for children and teenagers since 2011. Every year we renovate our offer with new laboratories and outdoor activities. The many operators who collaborate with us have wide competencies and experiences and can manage every situation and group dynamics that take place every day and can make every moment unique. We try to give attention to each child, changing the number of adults according to the number of the children. There are also many teachers of several subjects and physical trainers, but also other staff like lifeguards on the beach and school collaborators.


The camp is available for residents, especially for working parents, but also for tourists’ children on holiday. Actually, there are few hotels that offer entertainment for children or specific activities.

We are ready to welcome children of other nationalities with English assistance. The assistance is also available in other languages like Russian or German but on request.

The main purpose of the camp is to make healthy the children’s summer free time. We think the holiday is time of amusement, but also a wonderful chance to make them appreciate everything that our island offers in terms of nature, beaches, woods, mountains, sea and the sun, but also to meet new friends
and it is also time to have new experiences like learning the history of our little island who has seen thousands of people arriving at its harbours before the arrival of the tourists. The children have a lot of energies and it is for this reason that we have really ACTIVE programmes for who wants the best entertainment but also educational activities



The camp takes place on the beach of Forio. From lunch time on, the activities continue at the elementary school of Forio, or at other schools of the island or we organise other activities around the island. Sports tournaments are held at the nearby sports centres. The parents have to sign an authorization to let their children leave the beach or the school if there are extra activities.


The residents can bring their children at the beach of Forio or can use our shuttle bus service with an extra charge from any parts of the island. The tourists can participate from 9 o’clock with a pick-up at the hotel at 8:30 or at any other agreed time.

7.30 – 12.30: reception of the children on the beach with specific activities that stimulate new friendship. Then, there are games, sports on the beach (football, aqua-aerobics, beach volley), fishing, baths and swimming. In the mid-morning, there is a snack break. At 12 it is time for the showers before the lunch. For who stays until 13 or 14 there are other baths and the shower just before the parents’ arrival. Every day different trips are also arranged with departure at about 8:30. For further information about the trips, click here.

12:30 – 14.30: lunch break, we reach the school or the restaurant by shuttle bus.

14.30 – 18.30: there are laboratories at the school or we go back to the beach.

  • Memory book– New!
  • Cartooning– New!
  • Guitar
  • Cinema discussions
  • ColorArte: a month dedicated to the art ( painting, texture art, handicrafts) with final art exhibition
  • Short films, express ourselves…
  • Creativity
  • Cooking and bakery
  • Day SPA e Nail Art New!
  • DJ Parade
  • Supervised study for the summer homework
  • Food Education
  • Environmental Education and “Andar per Sentieri”
  • Face Painting
  • Fairy tales for the little children
  • Digital photography
  • Board game
  • Games on the beach: sand castle, sea and beach races
  • Thematic day (to be defined)
  • Information technology
  • Ischia Summer Camp Band
  • Reading books
  • Ischia Summer Camp trip in Abruzzo!
  • English and German language
  • Chinese language– New!
  • Mosaic
  • Educational garden– New!
  • Paint Your Camp Life – New!
  • Multi-sport project
  • Propaedeutic Music
  • Beach also in the afternoon in shifts
  • Theatre / Musical
  • Five-a-Side and Volleyball tournaments
  • Yoga